Tips For Showing Your Home In Winter

showing home in WinterSAFETY: Make sure that the sidewalks, driveway, front walkways, and front porch is all cleared of ice and snow. Consider salting these areas so you don’t risk injuries. Trim excess branches on outdoor trees to avoid storm damages or possible injury to guests.

CURB APPEAL: Adorn your front door with a winter wreath or other welcoming decoration.

KEEP IT CLEAN: Either lay plastic floor covering over traffic areas of your carpet or ask visitors to remove their shoes or wear booties (you should provide these if you decide to go this route) . This will prevent tracking water and mud through the house and will also show that you take pride in keeping your home clean.

KEEP IT WARM: Keep the thermostat at a warm and cozy temperature as a contrast to the frigid outside weather. If you have a fireplace, fire it up!

WELCOMING AROMA: Give the house a comforting aroma when people walk in. The most popular scents are chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, vanilla or cinnamon.

CLEAR AND BRIGHT: Make sure that the windows in your home are as clean as possible at all times. This allows the full light to enter your home, making it appear bright and clean.

LAYER: Small touches like having a blanket folded up over the edge of the couch can give the buyers a sense of warmth, and will help them to picture themselves living in the home.

BENEFITS: Emphasize things about the home that can make it appear convenient in the cold winter months. If your street is one of the first streets in the area to get plowed by the snow plow, or if your house is on the bus route for the kids, you will want to inform potential buyers.

SEASON APPROPRIATE: Make sure that if the holidays are over, you remove any holiday decorations.

SNACKS & BEVERAGES: Serve some snacks and warm beverages, such as warm apple cider and cookies. This makes a very warm and inviting welcome.

Michael Carr is the Co-Founder & COO of BrandFace, LLC. He is also a real estate branding expert and international bestselling author. As America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer, he has sold billions of dollars in commercial and residential properties.