A little about me

Q: Why did you choose real estate as a profession?
 A: I chose RE as a profession for many reasons. I suppose the first goes all the way back to my childhood growing up on a large farm. I was outside ALL the time and learned to appreciate nature. As I grew up, I began to appreciate the privacy of my own room and making it my own. Once out of school, I rented a small house before buying my own. Needless to say I learned about the differences between renting and owning and the benefits and downfalls of both. Real estate and the process from start to finish has always made sense to me. I have been in many different situations that allow me to personally relate to many situations my clients may be going through which allows me to help on a deeper and more understanding level. It's very important to me that my clients see me not only as a real estate professional but as an honest human being they can count on to truly be on their side. Someone they can consider a friend. Overall, I chose real estate as my profession because it is a very meaningful and important job. Only one thing feels better than helping someone obtain their home and that's when those clients refer me to people they care about.

Q: What has been most challenging about this journey so far?
A: To me, the most challenging thing about being a Realtor is other realtors. I pride myself in being genuine, in it for the long haul and doing what's best for my clients. So many agents are looking for quick sales and cut a lot of corners which can be damaging for our reputation. I have had countless clients tell me horrible stories about how another agent treated them which means that they are distrusting of all agents. It makes my job much harder and takes so much valuable time away from the clients themselves all because someone else may have had lesser moral and professional standards.

Q: What advice do you give your customers that they probably won’t hear anywhere else?
A: Only you know what's most comfortable for you. Ex: Just because you're qualified to buy a $250k home, you may be more comfortable with the payments of a home priced at $185k. Go with what you're most comfortable with bc if you are "payment poor" you may eventually grow to resent your home. Forget about "the Jones'" and don't waste your own time and happiness trying to keep up with them.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being an agent?
A: The most rewarding part of being an agent is getting referrals from past clients. Every time someone calls me and says they were referred to me by someone I have already worked with, it makes my whole week! It makes me want to work even harder to impress them and the person who referred them.

Q: What do you believe makes you different from other agents?
A: I feel as if I am different from other agents because I try to give a lot more to my clients than most. I use several different resources to provide neighborhood information that is generally considered out of the scope of work for a realtor. I provide information that encourages safety and awareness and items that may be of assistance for future property valuation. With over 13 years’ experience, I have gained many trusted professional friends that can help my buyers complete the sale smoothly and quickly. (Lenders, appraisers, inspectors, etc) For my sellers, I go over and above the average by providing quality pictures and a descriptive narrative that touches all the major selling points. I encourage creative marketing and help you do all the things that make your property stand out as well as suggest other things that will grab a buyer’s attention and make them come running!