Development in Jackson County

Braselton is a beautiful suburban town in the heart of Atlanta, Jackson County. It is a small captivating town that maintains its traditions and charm since the early 1900s when it was discovered as a prime business area by the Braselton Brothers. Over the years, the town has maintained its allure by maintaining its rural feel. The town boasts outstanding architecture, a bustling downtown, inviting business of all sizes and types, a variety of modern-day amenities and services. It is home to about 12,000 residents and among the best places to live in Georgia. The town has been on a major redevelopment pursuit to support economic growth by renovating Braselton’s historic buildings into contemporary government and business structures.

Home Development

Braselton is home to a thriving and consistently growing business community that provides its residents with top-notch quality products and services. The town stays true to its historic roots by transforming Braselton’s founders’ spectacular residences to serve unique and adaptive uses. For instance, the original Braselton brothers’ brick and mortar store is now a retail and fine dining center. One of the founders’ home now serves as a funeral home and another as a Town Hall. These redevelopments have appealed to other businesses, including a new 300-home development project. The residential community aims to serve senior residents and will include elegant architectural styles, underground parking, a massive lobby area, a catering restaurant, and proposed “A La Carte Services.”

Hospital Expansion

The Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton is undergoing an expansion that features therapy services, an acute care center, physician offices, an imaging center, additional hospital bed capacity, and much more. Several medical-related offices are already coming up around the 119-acre medical center. This massive medical campus further boosts the business community’s appeal by attracting many leading and small companies. The fast economic growth in Braselton means more jobs for the residents and neighboring communities.

Local Attractions

Everything is better in Braselton, just as its motto states. It boasts natural beauty, historical importance, year-round activities, and economic feasibility, making it a town suitable for everyone. Be sure to catch some family-friendly movies, art festivals, outdoor concerts, antiques, and special holiday events when in the area. Visit the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort for world-class amenities, including a European Health Spa, luxurious inn, championship golf experience as well as tennis. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime by driving down to Road Atlanta, one of the world’s best road racing courses. It is a stone’s throw away from Chateau Elan, and you can indulge in a variety of sports and motorcycle races, driving and racing schools plus motorsport testing available for both amateurs and professionals.

The Security Situation

Like everything else, security has been upped in Braselton thanks to the fairly new public safety facility. The facility is home to both the Municipal Court and Police department for Braselton, designed to complement the town’s local architecture. The building is meant to influence the future of the Braselton downtown development project. Even better, it is adjacent to the Braselton Town Hall.


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